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Formally known as Oriental Interest Berhad, OIB was formed in 1986. We’re often recognized for our affordable and quality homes which we have built over 26,313 units!

Myra was introduced in 2017 as a brand committed to making homeownership clearer, easier, and more fun- all with a memorable homebuying journey! We have 9 projects under the Myra brand with many more to come.

To make the purchase of your

Biggest, Most Prized Possesion, Easy & Exciting!

“It's harmonious.”

When you come into the office, you don't feel it being so intense or dreadful. It's a feeling like when you come home actually. The people and the environment is really friendly, we can get along.

Mun Fong (Contract - QS)

“The environment keeps me happy!”

My boss and my team makes my time in Myra happy. I wouldn't change it for anything.

Farah (Credit Admin)

“There are plenty of opportunities to explore.”

Since the management team is young, discussions are very open and we're willing to try a lot of methods.

Tan Jin Wen (Contract - QS)

“It's stressful and challenging..but I love it!”

Each day presents new challenges to solve and often times we have to work on it without a superior there. It's stressful sometimes definitely but it feels great when it all works out!

Nanthini (Safety, Health, & Environment)

“I've gained a lot of new experiences and knowledge!”

Before this, I was working as an agent but since I started working for a developer, I am exposed to a tonne of new knowledge and experiences that helped me grow.

Amirul Hafiz (Sales)