I’ve talked to Mat about buying our own home, but it doesn’t seem like he understands…

Sofia’s been hinting, but I’ve been keeping my homebuying research with Myra a secret to surprise her!

Part 1: Siapa Myra?!

"I saw him texting his friend about calling some girl named Myra. WTH."

"Myra is a property developer who teaches about homebuying! Bestnya!"

Watch what happened at the dinner:

Myra's Homebuying Guide that's going to tell you everything!

Part 2: A date with Myra?!

"Mat has been flirting with Myra and I even saw her send him a heart!"

"Found my home budget with Myra's Super Calculator! Time to learn more at my date with the home consultant!"

See how things get worse for Mat!

The super calculator for your homebuying finances!

Part 3: The truth about Myra...

"I’m done with this nonsense! Since Mat is flirting with Myra secretly, I’m kicking him out!"

"Calling Myra’s home consultant tonight! Can’t wait to find out more and surprise Sofia!"

A surprise for Sofia or a surprise for Mat?

Where you can find Myra’s Home Consultant!

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Mat: Rizrin Shah Anuar
Sofia: Pearl Tan

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